I’m sure you’ve seen that old woman or man at the coffee shop. They possess a quality — perhaps mysterious — that you yearn to have. They sit there, comfortably sipping on their coffee and chatting with people around them. There seems to be a magnetic quality about them, drawing people to interact with them without consideration of any established relationship.

They handle each interaction with grace, whether it’s with the person all dressed up for a day of business or the person carrying a few shopping bags of random stuff which makes up their world.

Strangers are drawn to interact with these people because of something they can’t see but so desperately want.

That thing you see and yearn for is character. We’re naturally drawn to people of high character, and we don’t even need to talk to them to recognize it…to feel it deep inside our bones.

Where do I purchase this character?

Consistently making that choice to do the right thing despite your fear — that’s the thing you see in that old woman or man who radiates something. Something you haven’t yet been able to put your finger on. That something you know you want but have yet to figure out exactly how to achieve.

It’s called character and it’s achieved with a lifetime of making the choice to do the right thing. Even when that thing isn’t fun or what you really want to do.

It’s about treating all of those people that cross your path daily with dignity, regardless of their station in life.

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You know that project you have, the one you just don’t want to work on? Yeah, I’ve got one too right now. It sits around and I’d rather it just wasn’t there anymore.

Maybe I can get some red shoes and click my heals together and it will magically go away?

That project needs progress made on it and even though it’s not fun, you need to make it happen. Nobody said that progress needed to be fun. But it’s the right thing to do.

Your character is shown in how that project moves forward.

It’s those little decisions each day that contribute to our character and the reputation of our business.

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4 responses to “Will I do the right thing…even when it’s no fun?”

  1. Jordan Avatar

    I read pretty much everything you write, and I’ve got to tell you that is one of my favorites and very timely for me. I always appreciate your posts that deal with character building – thanks for sharing!

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Thanks Jordan, I needed to read it again today as well.

  2. Patricia Shetler Avatar


    Thanks for the post today. It was very timely and I went right to work for five hours straight.


    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Awesome, I must admit that I haven’t done as well.