People playing a big game don’t have time for a small game – Dan Sullivan

Dan talks about this in reference to people you see name calling and back biting and diving in to guilt. Their game is so small that it includes these things. If you’re playing a bigger game then these things don’t even register as something you do in your game.

Being an entrepreneur is a life sentence – Dan Sullivan

Once you get a taste for it you’re going to have a hard time going back to any job. I got my first taste of it when I started installing decks on the weekends and did it full-time during the week. The freedom and greater income I could earn on the weekend was totally worth it and while I knew that was not what I wanted to have a business doing, I knew I wanted to run my own business.

The Difference Between Discipline and Habits

One response to “Play the big game with your life sentence”

  1. John Locke Avatar

    Sage advice, Curtis. Folks that are playing a larger game don’t worry about name-calling or one-upmanship. They are focused on what they are doing, and nothing their competitors do can touch them. It’s when we focus to the right and left, and get distracted, that we lose sight of our long-term vision.