Why I’m using 2 Systems for my task management

I said on Tuesday that I use 2 productivity systems. I use Redbooth for client work and Todoist for personal non-collaborative stuff. I do that because in Redbooth people can assign things to me that they think are important for my day and that’s just like email.

The night before I decide what tasks are important and I put them in Todoist along with the links to the Redbooth tasks and then I ignore Redbooth unless I’m updating a task I’ve completed.

This way I do what I think is important and I own my productivity for the day. I don’t let others control my actions.

1 thought on “Why I’m using 2 Systems for my task management

  1. Awesome! I’ve almost the same setup.

    I use Asana for project management (collaboration), Todoist (on my Mac) to define date-wise tasks and Mac Reminders (to follow-up my top-5 daily tasks).

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