I acted waaay to successful and it cost me a client. A good client that I loved working with. One that I had followed for years prior to working with them.

One I hoped would notice me one day.

See, I acted way to successful and let the project drop way behind schedule. I took a bunch of time off. I took short days and hung out with my kids.

Hanging out with your kids is something you should be doing. In fact, most of you are likely working waaay too much and sacrificing your family in the name of some far off day when you’ll be ‘successful’. But we’ll talk more about that another time.

In the process of acting so successful, I turned what was a great client to a bad client. At least a client that won’t want to work with me ever again. They won’t be a good reference.

Remember that you need to get the work done. Sure work a schedule and stick to it, but don’t jeopardize a career that’s starting to gain serious traction for a few extra days off.

Plan vacation and take it. Put the phone away, just don’t get too loose. It’s going to take a few years longer than you think to get the traction you want. If you kill it like I did, then you’re back to square 2 from square 6.

Have an awesome day!


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2 responses to “I’ve Acted WAAAY Too Successful”

  1. Sovann Avatar

    Good reminder. Summer’s over for us. Time to get back in gear.
    I’m glad we’re reading The ONE THING in book club this month.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Yup that book has been on my list for a while. Even sitting on my Kindle. Just finishing 12 Week Year then on to The One thing.