While talking with a friend recently (HI TimTim), I came across the idea that kids are the worst client. If you’re running a business and your spouse/partner is watching the kids, they spend most of their day dealing with the worst clients.

They complain about putting on their shoes.

They fight about getting out the door to do stuff that’s FUN for THEM.

In today’s show, I talk more about what it’s like dealing with the worst client every day and what we can do to help our spouses out.

Have an awesome day!


2 responses to “Kids are the worst clients”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    You know, I brought up our first child while also trying to run my business until about the age of 3 or 4 – my wife was very unwell. It was incredibly difficult and stressful and, at the time, I was also working with awful clients for very little money.

    Despite having been through that, it’s easy to forget sometimes just how difficult it is now that my office is in a separate room and my wife is looking after two kids during the summer holidays.

    I’ve just been in to her, apologised and told her how much I love and appreciate her.

    Thanks, Curtis, for the reminder 🙂

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      You’re most welcome. We all need that reminder sometimes.