I’m a reader, and that shouldn’t surprise you.

My friend Scott published his list of the best things he’s read in 2017. I also read Perennial Seller1, and The ONE Thing2 in 2017 and concur, they are must read books.

The rest of his list is new to me, but is now on my list with his endorsement.

I also picked up The ONE Thing podcast, and it’s a must listen to.

I don’t have my list for 2017 yet, because it’s still 2017 and I’m still reading. I’ll likely finish at least one more book this year. I did publish my 2016 top reading list though, which you can get on Amazon.

I’m also getting together a bunch of topically related reading lists you can find on my what to read page. Watch it for more list of the best stuff to read when you’re trying to learn about a new area of your business.

Check out Scott’s List