Finding security in mediocrity is an exhausting process. You can only work so many hours, fret only so much. Being a slightly better typist or a slightly faster coder is insufficient. You’re always looking over your shoulder, always trying to be a little less mediocre than the guy next to you. It wears you out. – Linchpin

Recently someone emailed me and asked me this question:

“I want to run a 6-figure WordPress theme building business. How do I do that?”

There are only two ways I can think of, and one isn’t being a theme builder primarily.

Scale it

The first way to turn this into a viable big business is scale. Get faster at your process of theme building, maybe use Genesis or some other theme framework to make it faster.

Get some other people under you and get them to do it for less than you charge.

The problem here is that being just a theme builder puts you in a race with mediocrity. Pretty much anyone can build a WordPress theme. What you’re offering as a theme builder is almost the same as that other PSD slice and dice shop.

You’re likely in a race to the bottom on your pricing. The consumer doesn’t care; they just want the job done right for as little money as possible.

Niche it

The much better path.

Stake out a niche and understand the problems that the customers have in that niche. When you’re looking at their theme, have more ideas about how they can make the site better and thus, earn more money or attract more clients.

Maybe be like my friend Jason, and focus on conversion and drip services. Yes, he builds themes, but he does so much more than that. People aren’t paying him for his theme building really; they’re paying for all the other things that he brings to the table.

He’s a key to their overall business strategy, not some hammer that hits the nail of their theme.

So, which will it be? A race to the bottom or a niche partner that brings so much value to the table?

I’d always go for a niche partner. You’ll be able to charge better. You’ll have clients coming to you because of your reputation as a great niche partner. You’ll be able to do more focused work.

Have an awesome day!


PS: If you’re struggling with your niche, I wrote a book about that you should look at.

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  1. Prabhu Ganeshan Avatar

    This is prabhu. I’m a web developer and i work with wordpress. this article about Security in Mediocrity as a WordPress Theme Builder gives a amazing information. i just love it. thanku so much

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      Curtis McHale

      Thanks Prabhu. What are you doing to stand out?