Maddy Osman gets a bit ranty (and it’s well deserved) with this one calling out business coaches and online courses. Oh and I love the whole article.

First with some great points like:

Building a successful business takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (more so the latter than the first).

Then she digs into the junk that we see out there in internet marketer land.

Dozens of people commented with similar outrageous lengths they would go to pay for a course they didn’t actually currently have money for. It was turning into a competition to see who was willing to give up the most.

Heck I just finished reading Badass Your Brand1 and my webinar experience was the similar to Osman’s. A twenty minute lesson that recapped the first few chapters of the book.

A 25 minute pitch witch stepped up and up with all the “cool stuff” you’d get. Ending with a $1497 price tag, and of course $1497 worth of extras. Only to find the same thing for sale the next day on their site for $997.

I bought neither but I answered they’re main question in the branding book “What do you stand against” with “your stupid marketing crap”.

So if you catch me acting like that or like the people Osman talks about, give me a smack in the head.

  1. The review for that is coming in a few weeks 

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  1. Maddy Osman Avatar


    There’s no other word for that post than “ranty”! XD

    So glad you liked it. I was so nervous to publish it.

    I feel like you’d also appreciate this satirical article from McSweeney’s:

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Added to my reading list for tonight.