From Derek Sivers:

Maybe the fact that I use it to share my blog posts is a tiny tiny reason why others are still using it

I cited Cal Newport earlier today on deleting Facebook and doing social media slow so you might know already that I’m part of a single reading group that is only on Facebook. That is the one thing of value I get out of it.

Sivers has me questioning whether me sharing my blog posts on Facebook is keeping someone else on Facebook.

It does feel like it’s easier for Sivers to not worry about the extra marketing push and sales he may get from Facebook because he’s already at a certain level of success. I’m not there yet.

Are you reading this via Facebook? Am I part of the reason you stay? If so, let me know.

2 responses to “Delete Facebook, Am I Contributing To You Staying?”

  1. Tom Avatar

    Nope. RSS for me, still :).

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Good man. Me too. One book group keeps me there right now. I actually just deleted Instagram again because I was spending too much time on it.