Welcome to another weekly edition of Freelance Saturday. Here is some solid reading and listening you can do in the next week to help make your business even more awesome.

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210: 8 Steps to Launching Your Own Mastermind Group — Read to Lead Podcast | Business book author interviews with award-winning broadcast industry veteran Jeff Brown — Overcast

I run some masterminds (yes there is space if you’re interested reply) and if you’re looking to run your own this is a great show from Jeff Brown on running them.

2018-04-10 Process Hacker News from Hack the Process Podcast — Hack the Process: Mindful Action on Your Plans — Overcast

I’m linking to a specific episode but really I want to recommend Hack the Process in general. I was on the site a while ago and lost track of it shortly after. I started listening again and the content shared is great. You should be subscribed to Hack the Process.

To Everyone Who Asks For ‘Just A Little’ Of Your Time: Here’s What It Costs To Say Yes | RyanHoliday.net

I also try to have an anorexic calendar. No meetings or calls on any day except Friday. There are very rare exceptions usually for family stuff. No one outside gets that time during work hours. Do you guard your calendar that closely? Why not?

Consumption spirals · Paul Jarvis

This is the comparison trap. We would rather earn $30k knowing those around us earn $28k than $36 when others earn $38k. You have to stay out of it at all costs. It’s will drive you deep into unhappiness and emptiness.

S02E08-Step by Step Guide to Specialization — Live In The Feast — Overcast

My friend Jason lays out some great wisdom on specializing in our business. The exercise on choosing and ranking your quadrants is great.

Do what others have decided is too hard – Leadership Notes

I strongly concur. You get paid well by solving hard problems.