The insult to mums, of course, is the suggestion that dads should somehow be celebrated for achieving basic tasks when they get no such recognition.

Yup I agree entirely. My wife and I talk about this at least weekly. People rave that I show up to figure skating and can name the jumps my kid is learning. This is expected of my wife though, and she is a skating coach, but none of the other moms congratulate each other for the things they marvel at with me.

First, I’m not that awesome.

Second, stop setting the bar so damn low for dad. He is better than that.

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  1. John Locke Avatar

    There’s an expectation that “dads” role is to go earn the money, and “moms” role is to watch the kids. In reality, those roles are a lot more fluid in 2018. Dads should be present at the games, at dance lessons, at skating practice. Moms can be the primary breadwinner. In many ways, dads have had it easy for the past century, they only have to go to work. Moms are still expected to clean the house, raise the kids, etc, even if they have a full time job! These things are changing, but the hardwired expectations that have been programmed into society are slower to change. Give it time.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Yes it’s changing. Many of the dads I know are very involved with their kids. We do have to take action and say something if we want to keep the change going.