This week we switched up the schedule around the office. We’re looking at the revenue of the business and focusing less on the bigger branding things I’ve been doing and more on revenue generating activities because bills need to get paid and such.

On that note, this was the last week that I’ll have 2 new Should I Read It episodes in a week. I’ll keep doing them, but they don’t generate enough revenue to do that much work. Also means I’ll slow reading down a bit since I don’t need to review a book every week.

Have you ever looked at your business to see what generates the most revenue and then focused on that? Could you tell me what generates the most revenue? The most profit?

These are all questions you should answer in your business. You should be revisiting them regularly as well. Every year at least, but I take a look every quarter.

What I Shipped

Monday I wrote about how yearly goals are a terrible idea. I’ll be writing more about goals over the next few weeks so you can see exactly how I tackle them.

Tuesday I published Should I Read It episode 17 which was all about bringing change to yourself and your team as we looked at Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. The biggest takeaway for me is about shaping the possible decisions I can make, hence working mostly on an iPad because I really can’t flip around to distraction easily.

Wednesday I talked about your success measures, and how I defined them in a way that I now regret a bit. Knowing what your definition of success is is important if you want to build that business that is your dream. Don’t let others define it for you.

Thursday I looked at a book that wants to answer the question, where will you be five years from today. A good book to sit back with and study as you’re planning your goals. Here it is in audio, or written format. Subscribe to Should I Read It to make sure that you don’t miss a book that matters.

Also note that if you’re not on the RSS feed, I regularly link to other posts and write a bit. Here are a few from this week:

Freelance Friday Five

1. Mental.Fitness – Well-Being for Your Mind, Soul and Heart

We don’t talk about mental health enough. My friend Cory Miller has a whole new site devoted to it. We all struggle sometimes and we all need help. If you’re struggling, reach out people will be there.

2. How Is Dad Going?

Good read about roles at home and negotiation of them for the dad that is taking an active role.

3. The Future of Self-Improvement, Part II: The Dilemma of Coaching Yourself – 99U

When most of us learn a new skill, we work to get just “good enough” and then we go on autopilot.

So the question is, what part of your job are you letting run in the field of “okay” and how are you going to change that? The article calls for outside eyes, which I agree with and use. You can see the issues when you’re so close.

4. Price’s Law: Why Only A Few People Generate Half Of The Results – Darius Foroux

Interesting academic look at being a high performer in your niche.

5. Marriage Is A Path To Self — Safety Third — Overcast

Great episode on marriage and how it takes work. Love is hard and you have to keep at it if your want to keep it going. We all to often give up when the feeling of love isn’t there sometimes.