Opting Out of WordCamp “after” because of alcohol

Things I’ve realized in 45 days of not drinking

Higher education runs on booze. It’s remarkable how many events involve free alcohol and how much socialising after other events involves alcohol

I’d say similar things about the WordCamp’s and other tech conferences I’ve been to. I have nothing against drinking but I’m a 1 beer (drink) a night person and the stories and “fun” networking always seems to happen long after I’m comfortable at an event.

I’d love to have an “after” party that I felt comfortable bringing my 7 year old to. She loves coming to be with adults and she has been at some hack afternoons (when she was 4). She left asking more questions about computers and technology.

Currently, I’d have to opt-out of any WordCamp after event I’ve even been to if I wanted to introduce my kid to the WordPress community.

Let’s be clear, I drink from time to time. I just think that the seeming reliance on alcohol to lubricate the wheels of hanging out after a tech conference is stupid.