Further thoughts after this post.

What if you’re at a place where you must be legal drinking age we are saying that the only people worth meeting are 21 (in some states).

That’s hardly the truth.

We are also excluding anyone that has struggled enough with alcohol in the past that they can’t be around it at all. We are saying that “those” people aren’t valid community members worth meeting

Again, not the truth.

Yes I have had an email from people out of each group.

To those that have said they just want a drink at every event or they have a nightly drink. I’ve always thought if you have to have a drink it’s time to say no full stop. At least until you no longer feel you have to have one.

I had alcohol issues when I was a teen. I said no for a decade. Till the point I could have a 6 pack in the fridge for a few weeks without needing will power to make it happen.

Alcohol isn’t bad, we’ve just defaulted to it as the thing we do at events and we should be questioning that. Who are we missing out on because of those decisions?