It’s my first “full” week back after vacation and while many of my American readers had a celebration on July 4th, up in Canadaland we celebrated on July 1st for Canada Day.

So I still had a day off this week.

The big thing I’ve pushed forward this week was my next book, tentatively called Finding Focus. I’m tired of reading and listening to so called “gurus” talk about focusing on your single thing and finding your passion. They of course sell you a course for $5k to do that as well.

It’s much harder to do anything with that advice when you recognize that your “passion” won’t pay the bills this week. I’ll write a bit more about this on Monday.

I’m looking for a launch team as well. I’ll send you an advance copy of the book and I’m asking that you tweet/write about the book as it’s coming out. I’ll also ask that you review it. In exchange you get that copy of the book and possibly a few other goodies. If you’re interested, hit reply and I’ll add you to the group email.

What I Shipped

I started this week showing you how I take the challenges in my business and turn them in to an action plan. It’s no good just knowing you have “problems” you need to do something about them.

On The Smart Business Show, I talked about taking action this week. You’re much better off not reading me or listening to the podcasts I produce so that you can go do some work of value. If you’re not taking action, then your only thing to do today is to ship something.

Yesterday I looked at The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team by Patrick Lencioni. You can get it in written form, or as episode 23 of Should I Read It. Make sure you subscribe to Should I Read It so you don’t miss a book that matters.

If you missed it, I also wrote about the difference between gatekeepers and buyers for Liquid Web. Specifically, I gave you four questions to ask to make sure you’re talking to the buyer and not the gatekeeper.

Finally I was on The Productivity Show last week talking about time blocking. You can get so much more done with just a bit of planning. I’m a member of their Dojo as well.

Freelance Friday Five

1. Productizing your service business, with Brian Casel — WordPress | Post Status Draft Podcast — Overcast

If you’ve been looking at doing a productized service this is the one to listen to. I grabbed a few tips for some things I’ll be offering.

2. Girls on the Run | Sunny and Ladia at Broken Arrow

Not sure if I’ve said this, but I run and run a bunch at least compared to some. If you’re on Strava and want to follow me go right ahead.

With that out of the way, I totally get the hard time that Eric has as he works to keep it fun and push his kids. Our oldest is super in to figure skating. When we told her we could afford 2 days of skating this summer she worked washing cars and collecting cans to earn over $250 to get her 3rd day of skating in. She is the one that asks for workout’s at the park in the midst of playing with her friends and does her own off ice workout every night.

We try to let her lead it and only tell her what type of effort is needed if she wants to hit her goals (she wants to be in the Olympics). If she doesn’t ask for off ice in the day, we don’t do it.

What are you doing to help motivate your kids without being that overbearing parent?

3. How Reading Made Me Want To Be a Better Man – Jack Heimbigner – Medium

You know I like to read and Jack here has a good reason why you should be reading more than just the internet as well. If you’re looking for some people to talk books with The we do that monthly at BootCamp.

To answer his final question, the last book I read as I type this was Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards. Watch for a review of it in a few weeks.

4. 7 ways to maximize misery

No I don’t think you really want to do this, but how many of you are maximizing misery by default? Here is a run down of the ways.

  1. Stay still.
  2. Screw with your sleep.
  3. Maximize your screentime.
  4. Use your screen to stoke your negative emotions.
  5. Set vapid goals.
  6. Pursue happiness directly.
  7. Follow your instincts.

5. 7 Books I Recommend – June 2018

The one here I think I should read most is Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. This is an area I have a big gap in knowledge, you know because I’m a white guy.

She’s also reading When (which was great). Anything on the list you’re interested in?

2 responses to “Freelance Friday 013 – July 06 2018”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    After hearing you on The Productivity Show, I immediately started backtracking to listen to your podcasts and check out articles on your site. I’ll look forward to your new book, and would love to be a part of your launch team.

    I finished When last week and will highly recommend it to my own readers (thanks for sharing the 7 Books link). Now my goal is to incorporate that info with the timeblocking you talk about, and see what happens to my productivity.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Thanks for offering to help out Lisa.

      Timeblocking was a big change in not only my productivity, but how I felt about my day. It meant I felt in so much more control than I had previously. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or struggles.