This is based off an answer I gave on Quora.

  1. Figure out what you’re going to do.
  • what are you good at now?
  • what will people pay for?
  • what is the target market you’re looking at?
  1. Where will you offer your services?

– is Upwork worth it?
– what about testing your ideas on Fivver
– build your own site and use it as the hub of your work
3. Start Planning
– are you going to keep the business on the side or go full-time?
– what type of savings do you need to go full-time?
– how many clients do you need to go full-time?
– Aim for 6-months saved, and make sure you talk with your spouse about it first.
4. Keep it rolling
– don’t get stuck in the feast/famine wheel because it will kill you
– keep advertising
– test what works for you and your clients
– have a follow up scheme
– have a client vetting process