Last weekend I went on a big mountain run, and unfortunately took a fall of about 20 feet. Luckily it was bumps and scrapes and a twisted ankle. It could have been so much worse. This week I’ve mostly sat and worked all week because I really can’t do much else easily.

I also got an advanced Google Docs copy out to my launch team for The Art of Focus. They’re giving me some good feedback. I should start recording next week so that the audiobook is ready for launch.

On that note, if you’re not on the email list make sure you sign up so that you can get The Art of Focus FREE when it comes out on August 28th.

What I Shipped

If you’re phone is sitting on your desk, you’re not giving your clients proper attention. In fact, you’re just doing bad work. I dive in to why that is in my post from Monday.

Have you ever wondered what the best way to get freelance clients is? I tackled that question on Wednesday in The Smart Business Show. I talked about some of the content in my upcoming book The Art of Focus as it pertains to knowing who your clients are and where they talk about their problems.

Thursday I looked at the classic book from Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Yes the title does feel a bit like a scummy marketing title, but the book is really about how we should treat people well. Listen to it or read the review. Subscribe to Should I Read it to make sure you don’t miss a book that matters.

I was on Live in the Feast podcast this week. Jason and I talked about analogue productivity, and prioritizing family amongst other things. He is very interested in my mostly iOS workflow.

Freelance Friday Five

1. Maybe you shouldn’t be a solopreneur

“Trying to do it all” is one of my weaknesses. I’m realizing, that by forcing myself to be a solopreneur, I’ve been slowing myself down.
I think I fall in to doing it all myself. I need to look at more collaboration. Anyone interested?

2. The Risk of Discovery

Newton made three bets. One of them worked. But they were all risky.
What bets are you making? You better be making some if you want to have any chance at winning.

3. What does running do to your brain? | Life and style | The Guardian

So it appears that running is good for your brain. It’s also great for your body, and I find it to be good for my soul. Really this can go for any harder physical work, so what are you doing to get out there and move in the midst of your day so you don’t get overloaded?

Also a bit bummed since I’m off running for a few weeks.

4. 7 Ways Self-Publishing Can Make You 6 Figures

Note that web agencies have written a book which then brings in leads. If your blog can do that, and a well written one does, then a book launched well can supercharge your lead stream.

5. 3 Things you HAVE to do to keep your clients from getting antsy | Erin Flynn

Erin reminds us to communicate. I’ve said that if the client asks for an update, you’ve failed. Update on Friday with what happened in the week and what will happen next week. Update Monday with the plan for the week. Have a call at some point in the middle to answer any questions. That’s how you keep clients happy.