This was a busy week. I got edits in from my launch team for The Art of Focus. I started laying out the book and getting it set for print. I should have the print proof late next week. We’re totally on track to get this thing launched well.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out to get it free on August 28th.

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What I Shipped

Monday I dove in to the fact that sometimes we forget why we started a business. We just don’t know how we got to where we are at.

If you’re 24, what type of job should you get? I think that this applies to more than just 24-year-olds, it applies to anyone starting something new.

Thursday I talked about Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. You can listen, or read my take on the book. Make sure you subscribe to Should I Read It so that you don’t miss a book that matters.

Freelance Friday Five

1. The Missing Key to Productivity Is Reflection • Jocelyn K. Glei

Most people equate being busy with being productive. As long as we’re “getting things done,” we feel like we’re headed in the right direction. We think that doing something must be more productive than not doing anything. That action is more powerful than reflection. That being busy is better than being idle. But is it?
Do you fall in to this trap? Glei goes in to how much more effective reflecting time is in your training once you have experience.

2. We Should Be Building Cities for People, Not Cars | Devon’s Site

Companies allowing remote work more often would do a bunch of good in parking. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been offered work in Vancouver (100km and 2 hour commute) but remote work was not an option. If I bought in for that I would never really see my kids and I’d waste 4 productive hours a day sitting in a car with a bunch of other people.

3. This is what starting small looks like

Love this line in particular:

Repeat these steps for days, months, and years, and you’ll become the person you aspire to be.
It’s easy to want to be at the end of those years/months but hard to be in the thick of it. Starting small works though. My book The Art of Focus started as a blog post I kept working on and finding that I wasn’t done yet. Then I realized it was a book and so I kept at it for another few months.

What are you starting small?

4. Apple’s Affiliate Program and The Sweet Setup – The Sweet Setup

I’ve done some work for The Sweet Setup and I totally wondered what would happen when I saw this news. Turns out Shawn was smart and diversified income so it’s not a big deal at all.

Have you diversified your income streams? Would you survive a big change like this in your market?

5. Dads suffer from depression too – DaddiLife

I remember feeling terrible when I didn’t instantly connect with my oldest kid. I figured I should just fall in love at first sight. Took a few months to deal with that and then to really build a relationship with the new life I was responsible for.