This week I launched The Art of Focus. If you got it this week I’d very much appreciate a review of the book. Reviews are what help the book reach more people because they affect the Amazon ranking. It’s very inexpensive for a while longer then I’ll be marking the price back up to $9.99, so this is your chance to get the book at a steal of a price.

After that, I really tried to not refresh my stats all week and trust that the work I did beforehand would pay off.

What I Shipped

I’ve had so many questions about going iPad first with my development and writing workflow. Monday I wrote about how I built an ergonomic iPad setup.

I’ve got a Fitbit and while I love it, I don’t worry so much about tracking my steps. Sleep is much more important for me, and I talked about why on Tuesday.

Tuesday I also did a short extra podcast about what I was doing during my book launch. I hope you can guess that it was more resting and trusting the process.

Wednesday I talked about avoiding sites like Upwork. There was a decent discussion with someone that has found success on Upwork over on Youtube as well.

Thursday I talked about Chris Bowler’s Automated Journalling setup. I love journalling, but I’m not sure that it should be highly automated.

Freelance Friday Five

1. The power of doing nothing at all – The Startup – Medium

While I’m pretty good at turning my phone of on weekends I am usually focused on some other goal. I need to do more nothing. No goal no focus just nothing.

2. You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interaction

We’ve been conditioned to believe that being kind means being available 24/7. But if we don’t , our ability to be kind erodes. guard our time
My voicemail says that I can’t check it so don’t leave a message. It’s a lie, I know how to check it but I never do so it may as well be broken. Guard your time, you don’t owe anyone an interaction or response.

3. Family, Priorities, and Writing it Down with Curtis McHale — Live In The Feast

I’m behind on podcasts so this was out a bit ago but I listened and I enjoyed the podcast. I even said some smart stuff.

I love doing podcasts.

4. Why The Athletic has a paywall – The Athletic

I’ve never thought about a paywall, but I have thought about a “support” membership level that would be say $9 a month. Something like Patreon, but I’d host it all. If you want decent writing then it has to be paid for somehow.

If you’ve got feedback on that, I’d love it.

5. Your SEO Questions Answered

My friend John Locke has a great SEO channel where he answers your questions about SEO. If you have any about your site then be sure to ask him. If you have an industrial or manufacturing client, you really should look at hiring John for their SEO needs.