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What I Shipped

Monday I talked about the importance of deliberate practice. If you’re not spending time getting feedback on the work you do so that you can do it better, you’re falling behind.

Your time is precious, you can’t just give it away to endless emails and calls from past clients. Just because they did work with you doesn’t mean they’ve earned the right to talk to you all the time without paying further. That’s the topic of my piece on Tuesday.

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a freelance web developer, that’s the topic I tackled on Wednesday on The Smart Business Show.

If you’ve wondered how I get so much written (250k words this year so far) then Thursday I talked about my 3 bucket writing system. Steal it and remix it for you please. We need more people writing and owning their content instead of giving it all away to social media giants.

Yup a bit older but I am catching up on podcasts. Here is my talk on Focus Time on The Productivity Show.

I’ll also share a few links I wrote about this week:

Freelance Friday Five

1. 229: Design Your Business to Run Itself with Mike Michalowicz — Read to Lead Podcast

This is a great podcast on a book I’m working through called Clockwork. I’m revamping parts of my business based on it. I’m DOING to much not designing enough.

2. American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t for These 8 Myths – Truthdig

To tell you the truth, this is much more pessimistic than I am. But it’s a good read to get you thinking about what you believe in. Are you blindly buying in to consumerism? Maybe you’re blindly buying into articles like this one?

I do like the talk on jobs. We do much that just doesn’t need to get done at all.

3. How to Be Happy (Ep. 345) — Freakonomics Radio

How are you building your business to maximize happiness?

4. This Could Help with Patrick Rhone — Break the Twitch with Anthony Ongaro

Great show by Patrick Rhone on the end of Minimal Mac. I like the idea of bundling blog posts to save curation from reader. Also a great discussion on mental health and how Rhone deals with it.

5. The Glacier Project | The Dirtbag Diaries : The Dirtbag Diaries

I haven’t made much of a secret about my love for being outside. I want to share this today because it’s the story of someone following their passion and making it work. I don’t advise no plan, and kids and marriage do make the decisions harder. The question is, do you have anything that makes to smile as much as Jason does when you hear him speak?

Why not?