This week I started to plan out my next book. Yes I just finished and launched one, and I’m going to launch another one before US Thanksgiving. I can do it that fast because it’s an update of the first book I ever wrote and published. It was called “Don’t be an Idiot: Run a Viable Freelance Business”. It will not be called that this time though.

I’ll be rebranding it along with a number of the other books I’ve written in the last 5 years. Watch for the others and the unified branding after Christmas since it’s a waste of time to launch books between US Thanksgiving and the New Year.

What are you launching in the next 3 months? Don’t have an answer, why not?

What I Shipped

Monday I talked about how I deal with charging for client calls. I did have one person reach out to my aghast that I consider calls a $250 an hour endeavour. My development time is worth that and the biggest value you provide is good decisions. Why on earth would I value my phone time at a lower rate than any other time I have?

Blogging isn’t dead, you just don’t value it. That was the topic of Tuesday and it’s unfortunate because like my friend Jon said, blogging built my business.

Wednesday I asked if social media is worth my time. If you’re not seeing the trend, then you’ll see it on Monday when I talk about Twitter threads.

I’m iOS first for work and Tuesday I talked about adding favourites to Files in iOS. You’ll see a bit more iOS content coming over the next bit.

On the Godaddy blog, I talked about building a niche for your business. If you can find a niche and streamline your business, it will make a big difference in your life.

Freelance Friday Five

1. Who Needs Your Stuff? The Cycle of Sharing

How are you sharing? Do you give lead referrals to people even for stuff you maybe could do? I do that all the time and I’m better for it.

2. Your Whole Damn Life is an Idea for a Blog Post | Danny Brown

If you’ve wondered what you’d write about, then Danny Brown has a good reminder. Our whole life is a blog post. I come up with them hanging out with my kids at the park or reading a book or running or…washing dishes. I do this in part because I’ve spent so much time writing and in part because I put some effort in to it.

If you want to write, then start writing. Ideas will come and you’ve got lots of stories you can use. More happen to you every day.

3. Frontier Journal

Love the recent issue, all about rest. Read the articles, Isaac does a great job with content.

4. Workshops: Better or Worse Than a Paid Pitch?

The single takeaway is, that if you are affecting the buying process then you’re more likely to win the work. This is one reason I just say no to RFP’s and then if they come back to me with an alternate plan, I’m more likely to win because I just affected the process. Diving in to the RFP means I’m 99% wasting my time.

5. Coach George Raveling — A Legend on Sports, Business, and The Great Game of Life — The Tim Ferriss Show

Oh man what a great episode. Great talk on Martin Luther King and books. Checked so many boxes for making yourself a better person. And they talked about books.