Only one more week until we move and I’m excited. Not excited about the work to move, but that I get my own office in the house that’s not a bedroom. I’ve had an office before, but it was a 5km commute and with kid logistics it stopped working.

Now I can do the good dad thing, and not have to take up some other space that prevents laundry from getting put away.

Oh and I’ll get fibre internet at 300/300 for cheaper than my current 75/25 connection. I might be excited about that as well.

Finally, this week I really dug in to a rewrite/update of my first book all about getting started freelancing. The original title was “Don’t be an Idiot: Run a Viable Freelance Business” but that’s going to change. Likely the new title will be some variation of “The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Started”. If you’re not on the email list sign up to get it free when it launches

What I Shipped

Monday I went on a bit of a rant about why Twitter threads are terrible. Don’t wall your content off there, put it on your site.

On Tuesday I talked about my iOS podcast editor of choice, Ferrite. It’s great but I’d like to see some more keyboard shortcuts.

So ACDC, and not the band, was the topic of Wednesday’s Smart Business Show. This is out of a book I’ll review called Clockwork and ACDC is about having proper metrics in your business when you Acquire, Convert, Deliver, and Collect with your clients. Are you measuring any of those things?

Thursday I talked about why the new iPhones are really not that valuable. Even last night I was talking about moving to Android with my wife. No I won’t have apps like Ulysses on my phone, but maybe making it less useful to me will mean I touch it less and thus I spend more time with the people around me.

Last week I wrote for Liquid Web about building your ideal client profile. I even provided my initial client email. Every prospect gets a variation of this before I get on the phone with them.

Freelance Friday Five

1. Embracing Process — Frontier Journal

Great piece on embracing the process. Many people I work with start out wanting the end without being interested in the process it takes to get there.

2. Remembering your promises – Which Way Now?

Great reminder of the commitments we made. I celebrated my 15th Anniversary this year with our first trip away from kids. We’ve talked about renewing our vows in some way that is public.

3. The hidden cost of bootstrapping

Good talk on bootstrapping a startup and where the investment comes from.

4. H.I. #108: Project Cyclops — Hello Internet

I very much get this discussion by CPG Grey about attention and where you are spending it. I too love a much more hermit like life than most and yet I do fill most runs with podcasts and I listened to this while waking home from the coffee shop. I find it hard to not have something on while I wash dishes.

Now I wonder what new rules I add to make some changes here.

5. 306 – Vincent Pugliese on getting out of debt, freedom, and choosing not settle — Live In The Feast

Take note here about getting the money in order first. So many businesses I talk to struggle because they didn’t take this vital step.