Well today I move into the new house. Best part is an office all to myself and 300/300 internet, which is only now becoming affordable/common for houses in Canada.

The biggest struggle I’ve been having lately is visualizing all my work. As in, how do I see what’s on my plate for all projects, both internal and for clients, and how long are they projected to take?

One thing I’ll try out at the new place is a big calendar on the wall where I block out projects for the coming months. In theory, at a glance, I’ll be able to see what times I have free and which times I don’t.

If you have a solution, I’d love to hear it.

What I Shipped

Are you surprised that professional jobs are less secure than we’ve been led to believe? I’m not and I tackled why on Monday.

Tuesday looks like it’s going to be iOS productivity day for a bit. This week I looked at taking full page screenshots with iOS.

Wednesday I talked about how running a business is like a 50km race, you just need to keep moving.

Yesterday I got back to the book podcast with a review of Coach the Person not the Problem. I also did a quick screencast to help you append text to a Bear note fast using iOS 12 Shortcuts.

If you head over to Liquid Web you’ll find an article by me helping you decide if it’s the right time to add affiliates to your WooCommerce store.

Freelance Friday Five

1. The Deliberate Awfulness of Social Media | The New Yorker

Interesting piece that walks through the views of two prominent developers and their books on why the internet sucks so much now. I’ve got both books on my list for reading. Like the article says, I do wonder how we break out of the algorithms of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. In so many ways they are compelling, but their stealing our most valuable asset. Free space to think and our attention.

2. EP14: Chris Burkard Dishes His No-BS Recipe For Sacrifice And Success — The Stokecast

I just finished writing about Clockwork this morning (yes go get it now and start using it) and as I listened to this show about a pro photographer you can here elements of the book. He takes photos and stays out of much of the rest of it. He serves the thing he’s best at then trusts his team.

Anyone can have a team they trust. You just have to build the systems.

3. I’d rather be a blogger – Paul Jarvis

I’ve struggled with the “content marketing” thing as well. In fact I used to write for a publication that kept pushing towards viral crap and lists. It was paid and no I don’t write for them anymore because I realized I would never read the crap that I wrote.

That’s the metric I try to use now. Would I read this? Would the content have helped me when my business was starting?

If it passes I can publish it. If not, I hope I never wasted the time to start writing it.

4. Thinking about Attention — CGP Grey

Not sure about a fast but I do fill lots of time with podcasts. I did run my last 50km race with nothing but I was still goal focused. I could use some more time to sit. Could you? What are you going to do about it?

5. 10 Small Habits That Have A Huge Return On Life – Darius Foroux

I’ve been interested in number 7 for a while. I just need to try the fasting thing. Many of the rest I already do.