Doug has a short summary of some myths about kids and screens. The one I struggle with is number 3 that screen time is wasted when compared to outside time.

I have the article Doug referenced in my queue to read so we shall see if my mind is changed. I’ve watched my 4 year old when she gets a screen and turns into a zombie. I’ve also watched her climb at the park and work out problems playing with other kids.

I find it hard to believe that one type of interaction isn’t much more valuable to her development and that activity doesn’t involve screens.

2 responses to “On kids and screens”

  1. Doug Belshaw Avatar

    How much time is she spending on the screen at a time? I don’t let my kids (7 and 11) do more than 20-minute chunks, unless I’m playing with them, or its a special occasion.

    All screen activities aren’t equal. Nor are offline activities! 🙂

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Very true. Most days it’s 30 minutes of iPad time and that is spent on an app called Epic! which is educational videos and “read it to me” books. Sometimes, she gets more if we just need the kids out of the way to do stuff, but we really try to not do that.

      We also get them out for about an hour a day at the park at the school across the street.