A few weeks back I wrote about 6 tips the Overwhelmed Creative can use to get control again. In response to that my friend Rafal sent me some of his tips for bringing focus back to your life. Rafal runs Sandbox Rim and it’s a great site that I have in my RSS reader.

Here are the four actions he identified as helping him deal with overwhelm.

  • doing a mind sweep
  • checking my next action list
  • checking my project list
  • setting out couple key tasks to complete.

I want to leave you with his last paragraph as well because it’s a good reminder of the fact that life happens and that our initial plan is a guess about what we can get done.

One thing I’m getting reminded of time and again is that “life happens” and expecting that world will neatly fall into GTD, Omnifocus, Todoist setup is pointless. At the same time these tools and methodologies help us to stay on top of things so that when “life happens” we have reference point to return to in order to start again.


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2 responses to “More Clear Suggestions from Rafal”

  1. Rafal Avatar

    Hey Curtis,
    You pronounced my name correctly.
    Thanks Rafal

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I thought I could do it, but it’s just different enough that I wondered if I was totally buthchering it.

      Keep any other suggestions coming.