Everyone knows that outsourcing is a way that you can help to grow your business. The thing is, not everyone knows how to do it. Nearly every business owner has tasks in their business that they just don’t want to handle themselves, and it’s the primary reason that businesses grow beyond being run by just themselves and hire new people.

Figuring out which tasks are either beyond your skillset or you simply just don’t want to do is difficult for a business owner. Often the biggest hurdle to business growth is your self-important desire to have a hand in everything. As it says in Clockwork, stop asking HOW to do the work and start asking WHO will do the work1.

Entrepreneurs that are on their game know that outsourcing is a strategy that can bring them beyond being stuck where they are and into the growth they seek for their business. Once you get to a certain point in your business life, outsourcing helps you push through the harder parts and into a smoother path.

Why You Should Outsource

The chances are that you are an expert in your niche, but that you absolutely suck at marketing, or dealing with SEO. Perhaps you’re rubbish at managing the books, or running an IT campaign and even if you are good at these things, is it where you provide the most value to your business?

Either way, there are companies out there that can take those activities off your hands. For example, businesses like Your Marketing People or Lockedown offer SEO services, so that you don’t have to muddle your way through it by yourself. You can’t focus on business expansion if you are feeding your time and energy into business practices that you don’t have expertise in. But you don’t have to worry about it, because with outsourcing, you can pay the experts to help you with your business. This then frees up your time for business growth activities that make sense for you.

Which Tasks Should You Outsource?

There are a good few activities in your business that you can outsource to others, especially when you find them time-consuming and tedious. These tasks have a hand in helping your business to grow, but they take up more of your time than you have to give. Here they are:

  • Invoicing. Bringing in the accounts team to handle your invoicing can make a huge difference to the way that you do business, and you can manage your invoicing far better when you hand it over to an expert.
  • Payroll. You have staff to pay, and while it’s easy to remember that people need to be paid, if you’re not keeping on top of the finances you’ll forget. Plus, the work is tedious. Hand it over to a company that can do it and you’ll never look back.
  • Social Media. Hiring the services of a marketing expert can make all the difference in the world to your business, and it’s so important to keep up with social media scheduling posts and engagement. Bring on a social media freelancer, or a marketing agency who can handle it and you’ll be able to give yourself more time for other business activity.

Ultimately like Clockwork says, if you want to start scaling your business stop asking how you’re going to get the work done and start asking WHO is going to do it. If you can make that change then you can turn your business into something that can scale.

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  1. Watch for a review of Clockwork coming next week.