While the Mac Mini has been upgraded, I’m still not overly excited about the purchase I need to make.

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5 responses to “Yup I Got a Mac Mini, But I’m Not Excited”

  1. Tim Avatar

    It’s funny. I’m at the same point. I want to move out the Apple ecosystem but it is so simple.

    I thought about to leave iCloud and install my own nextCloud instance.

    I look forward to your decision. Maybe it’s an inspiration to me. 🙂

    Best from

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      This time around it’s a Mac Mini, but I’ll likely get a Linux box this summer to and start going down the path of making my work platform agnostic. Yup, I’ll do videos and write about it.

  2. Curtis McHale Avatar

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  3. Terry Yelmene Avatar
    Terry Yelmene

    Linux has some distinct philosophical/engineering advantages and the Apple ecosystem can suck (especially if you’ve changed your email address and had to try to re-register in the itunes/icloud quagmire that produces) BUT STILL, the Apple machines and the Apple ecosystem is a full-on platform of services with more rigor and fewer hassles than anything else. As for the new Mac Mini… If you have been going without a desktop machine for a few years and have been relying only on a mid2013 Macbook Air… a 6-core i7, 32GB, 1TB Mac Mini seems like heaven! I love it.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I’m totally dealing with my AppStore email and my iCloud email being different and having my AppStore downloads “corrupt” right as soon as I download them.

      I ended up with the i5 machine and will swap in for 32GB of RAM next month.