This week I got a new Mac Mini, which they left on my door step without a signature. Yup $1900 (taxes and Apple Care in) sitting on my porch. Good thing I saw UPS leaving the house from across the street and went over to get it while my kids played at the park.

Watch for my Mac Mini setup on Monday to see how I tried to balance having a monitor on my desk again, with trying to keep the space as clear as possible when I need it. Currently, it’s pretty easy to change between the Mac and my iPad with each configuration taking up all the space it needs.

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I Shipped

Monday I ambushed Cynthia to ask her about how we arranged working together. At one point she did some business stuff, and at times it was hard for both of us. Watch for some tips on navigating the complex relationship of work and marriage.

Wednesday I kept up my 2 week streak of Should I Read It podcast episodes coming out with my look at Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini. You can read or listen to the whole thing there and subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Friday Five

1. Ethical App Design Video

I’m writing a piece for a client on ethical app design and came across this video on the topic. The last few seconds made me laugh.

2. Why Do we Hate Networking Events?

I follow Ali on YouTube, but haven’t tried out the podcast until today. I particularly enjoyed their thoughts on having friends over from different backgrounds so that you mix up who people know. The idea of social optionality is also interesting.

3. LinkedIn for List Growth and Clients

My friend Philip Morgan did this excellent video on using LinkedIn for getting leads. Not just email leads, but Tom is getting highly qualified leads on LinkedIn.

If you’ve been looking for a way to leverage LinkedIn, this is one that’s working.

4. Digitally Minimal Android Phone

Cool post on Android and how you can use a different app launcher to make it a minimal phone. This is something you can’t do in the Apple ecosystem and while we used to say that Android was some terrible Wild West of security holes, that’s not really true at all.

I said recently that I’m not so jazzed about software lock in to macOS, and while it’s not a strong a feeling I still wish I could switch out to any system I want on my phone.

5. Bullet Journal Goals and Sprints

I feel like I need to review this section of The Bullet Journal Method again, luckily it’s on my shelf. The biggest issue I’ve had with a notebook first (sometimes only) method is tracking bigger projects. I feel like I want to step back and really see everything that’s going on in a week.

Not that any software I’ve tried does this either. I guess a big Gantt chart that tracked every project I have would do it, but really I hear Gantt and cringe.

Maybe it’s a Kanban board on my wall?

How do you get a picture of every project you have on the go?