My notes from Revisionist History: The Tortoise and the Hare

  • 4:40 the best former clerk Jeff Sutton would never have been hired, and he’s a tortoise
  • 7:40 the LSAT favours people who can process difficult problems quickly. Processing without understanding is the key thing that the LSAT tests for.
  • 10:50 reading for The Supreme Court is all about reading slow and having long term focus on a single problem. A tortoise feature.
  • 13:00 the Supreme Court justice says that he won’t hire state school people. They didn’t get into the top schools, because they’re tortoises. This is odd because the job he’s hiring for is all about being a tortoise
  • 20:00 the LSAT doesn’t let you be efficient because you can’t go fast on the parts you know, and then use the time for the parts you need more time on
  • 22:00 shouldn’t you have thought about how the test timing limits a slow reader, a tortoise according to Malcolm
  • 24:40 if you added 125% to the time of the LSAT you would help the tortoises, which would kill the Bell Curve and make the T14 law schools would have to use something other than a test to admit their students
  • 28:00 Canada just makes the “elite” schools bigger to match the number of people that can qualify for it
  • 29:00 Parker does “moneyball” for law firms, figuring out if they hire the best people
  • 30:30 they hire for the “mirror”tocracy so hiring for people that are like themselves
  • 32:00 where you went to law school doesn’t matter at all for your performance of a lawyer. It’s at best a random predictor, so it’s insignificant.
  • 35:00 Gladwell says that the way to fix this is to not ask or tell where you went to school because it just doesn’t matter and we hang importance on it
  • 36:00 Malcolm offers and alternative thing for Justice Scalia to say at the beginning of the show

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