Not Excited about the iPad Anymore

Matt has a good video questioning the excitement around the iPad now. I’ve moved to Final Cut Pro from LumaFusion recently so my iPad usage has dropped in the last 3 months. If Final Cut and all the assets were available on iPad then I’d be using my iPad still instead of macOS.

I still prefer my iPad Pro for reading/writing planning but I don’t use it for code anymore either.

As Daryl Baxter says, if you’re a writer/researcher/student then the iPad is perfect. If you’re doing other things maybe it’s not the best option. It certainly hasn’t lived up to the hopes I had for iPadOS 15.

Maybe iPadOS 16 will be better?

2 responses to “Not Excited about the iPad Anymore”

  1. I never could use mine for code, but I love it for almost everything else. Now that my primary role is no longer writing code I think it’s even better for me as I really could do my entire day job on it if I wanted to.

    I do wonder what future versions of iOS will bring but, at least for my edge case, I don’t know how much more I want it to do either. At least for now it is kinda nice being able to separate some tasks.

    • Yeah, leaving my Mac for code and writing on my iPad feels like a decent way to use the devices. I’ll watch what they do in the future, but I’m happy with where I’m at for now.