Jamie talks about one of the issues with buying into any system, going overboard.

When I was going paperless with Evernote, my experiment was to see if I could go completely paperless, so everything went into Evernote. But I found that 80% of the paper I scanned I never looked at again, even years later. And while it might not seem like a big deal to have that stuff scanned in, it illustrates a downside of Evernote’s ability to scan and search the text of scans: all that paper that I never used served as noise in searches.

While I love Things 3, it also default so yes when it moves tasks forward. It will always keep these tasks around and moving forward. They are guilt inducing as you realize you didn’t live up to the ideal version of yourself that always gets everything done.

No you could never live up to that, but it doesn’t mean you don’t feel guilty about it.

My day to day task lists, and my weekly planning is done on paper.

I’ve also seen this with Obsidian, or Notion. Start using a tool and then use it for everything.

For me Obsidian is about idea generation and writing. Tasks go somewhere else. Other people’s thoughts go in DEVONthink and my thoughts go in Obsidian.

Check out Jamie’s guidelines of what becomes paperless and what stays on paper.