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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

If you’re looking for a method for file naming, here is one, but really I think a good PKM tool offers far more utility in resurfacing files. So much that it makes naming far less relevant.

An ode to daily notes in a physical notebook. I use a daily notebook most days of the week, and there is something about looking at a few shelves of them over the years and revisiting them that I never feel when I’m looking at digital daily notes. Note that the author transcribes to digital daily as well.

TfTHacker has started a Twitter Community for PKM people.

Here is a method to track and annotate your reading.

TfTHacker shared his very cool Dashboard++ method for organizing an ever-growing list of notes.

Bit of an older video but I finally got to watch Eleanor and how she manages fiction projects. If you like Obsidian, make sure you also sign up for her Obsidian Round Up emails.

For those looking to migrate from Roam to Obsidian, Denise Todd wrote a very detailed guide on how to do it.

Three things Jamie is looking for in his fiction reading.

The point to all this research stuff is production, so here is my look at Ikigai.

It’s a bit scattered, but here is a look at the tools one person is using to help them think better.

If you’re tagging is getting out of hand, check out this video on tagging conventions.

Some suggestions for paper Zettelkasten for studying technical topics.

Here is a beautiful PDF-based reading journal to inspire you.

Darin Suthapong talks about stages of Zettelkasten development and linking.

Excellent 45-minute Q/A session with Bryan Jenks at Effective Remote Work all about the PKM process.

Looking for a project and PKM management process? Then here is something you should read.

No, you don’t always need to link a new note to something else, but links are the point.

A bit of discussion on how to paper Zettelkasten, and would Luhmann even use paper, or would he have gone digital?

Zettelkasten isn’t a magic pill as Josh found out. If you’re not careful you’ll spend all your time taking notes and produce nothing.

Scott covers his Antinet (physical zettelkasten) index system.


Here is a Shortcut to add tasks to NotePlan quickly.


Some suggestions to speed up your notes and flashcard workflow.

Here is another flashcard tip to only “study” the back of the card.


ChrisVn wrote about task management in your PKM tool.

Some advanced task-based queries in logseq.


I’m excited about the Craft API, but when you see developers waiting over a week for team response I get discouraged.

It’s not super obvious how you move notes between workspaces in Craft on the web.

How about math in Craft notes? It’s only sort of possible right now.

I’d love to see extensions sync across devices.

I also think of each Craft workspace as a stand-alone Craft install.


Artem shared his Obsidian and Zotero workflow for those that need to do full citations in their work.

Danny gives us a tour of the community plugins he uses.

Jamie shares some practical uses of Dataview in his vault.

A quick note on daily journaling in Obsidian.

Here is a daily summary that may inspire your own.

Do you have any advice for someone struggling to get Obsidian to “fit”.


Some tagging advice for Roam users.

How do Roam aliases work with links?

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