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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Looking to integrate Zettelkasten and GTD, here is a short video on how to do it.

Here is a good primer on the ANTInet Zettelkasten system.

Is reading really about speed or should we read slowly and reflect more?

Jamie goes over his process for capturing his daily notes in a Field Notes book and then transferring them over to his PKM system.

When you’re reading it’s important to set expectations about why you’re reading a book.

Eight tools for your PKM system.

Nick and Eleanor have a great long talk about cognitive scaffolding.

Note-taking and note-making in Obsidian. More a process post than anything specific to Obsidian.

Which note-taking app for learning languages?

5 good books about note-taking. I was unfamiliar with 2 of them and just ordered the other earlier in the week.

What prompts do you use in your daily notes?

Some tips on taking good notes on books. Not sure I agree with tip 3, because I think we are taking way too many notes on books that simply don’t matter so that we can be “good” note-takers. I wrote about the book pyramid for members this week.

Good discussion about how atomic your notes should be.

Stop overthinking your notes, just write.

Should your main writing also be in your PKM system?

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

This was an interesting article about the extra burden women and new employees take on in meetings. The solution, more meetings without camera’s on.

Reasons to read every day.

What is the purpose of note-taking, and how do you get your own voice for your own writing.

What is the impact and solution to noisy cities?


Research Rabbit has added public collections.

An excellent post on time-blocking from NotePlan.


What’s the main difference between Roam and remNote.

What’s the difference between Anki and remNote.


So we have an update on the CraftX API and eXtensions. In short, they’re excited but think there are lots of changes to address issues people are finding with the API as they build eXtensions. I guess that means don’t hold your breath for iPad or iPhone versions that support eXtensions but progress is happening.

Craftist 0.7 is out which adds priorities and better sync.

Check out this CraftCuts video to help you use Shortcuts to add text to a page.


Justin looked at building a personal project dashboard in Obsidian. The automation in this vault is excellent.

I covered everything you need to know about Obsidian sync. From desktop to mobile setup, you’ve got it covered here.

Top 10 Obsidian Plugins from Nicole.

Using Obsidian for task management by Gwynne.

Josh on his commonplace book in Obsidian. I think I forget about the bottom of the book pyramid, books I should just glance at and spend little time with.


Roam is having some issues with Mermaid diagrams being cut off.

Roam is available for iPhone.

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2 responses to “PKM Weekly for April 3 – Issue 013”

  1. Yaaqoub Eliyyahu Avatar
    Yaaqoub Eliyyahu

    Why would you use Obsidian or Logseq for tasks & project management, when you have Omnifocus, Things 3, etc.?

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I manage my writing projects in Obsidian because that’s where I write.