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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

What changed when Norbert started using Zettelkasten is that his research didn’t start with a hypothesis anymore. He followed where his research led.

Peter shows those still in Evernote how to move their notes to Apple Notes.

Sebastien Dubois has lowered the price of his PKM Library course.

Evidently, we do remember less when we read it online and we should read books if we want to learn the information.

The Sweet Setup shared 2 prompts for your daily journal.

25 Years of PKM Evolution for Sebastian.

I’ve been finding the INFORMA(C)TION Newsletter excellent for surfacing more content. I’d recommend subscribing.

The best way to achieve good ideas is to expose yourself to more ideas.

Danny shares a lengthy video covering his book notes process.

Nicole shares how to make your writing more skimmable.

5 Tips for learning gathered from the life of Richard Feynman.

Which note-taking app is the most beautiful currently?

The whole point of taking notes is to produce something. I put together a 4-part series on building a course. Many thanks to Paid Memberships Pro for paying for the written version of these videos. You can find the series and their excellent tool at their site linked above. I’ve used the tool many times to help people build membership sites.

  1. 4 Tips to Plan Your Online Course
  2. How to Deliver Your Online Course
  3. Producing an Online Video Course
  4. Marketing Your Online Course

A webinar on the topic is coming up as well so watch for the sign-up link.

Maggie’s idea of programmable notes has me thinking about what I could do in Obsidian.

@vagrantrach asks if anyone else is overwhelmed by the explosion of PKM tools and how does one measure the viability of a new tool?

R J Nestor had an excellent weekend email about productivity and your PKM tools. You’ll need to sign up for his weekly email to read it.

Tom talks about the importance of a work journal for programmers, but it applies to any field where you are faced with similar problems over and over.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

Maybe we shouldn’t confuse Ikigai with working. Maybe we should stop giving our best to work.


Scrintal has come across my desk a few times this week. This video by Santi was the best one to watch.

If you want true handwritten notes in NotePlan on iPad, then go vote for it.


Big list of excellent resources for RemNote users.

RemNote is trying to improve the experience of submitting issues and getting support.

Decent discussion on the main difference between RemNote and Roam.


If you dislike the in-app browser and want Craft to open things in Safari (or your default browser) then you should keep asking for that change.

Are you an Android user that wants to run Craft? Use the desktop browser option in Firefox with the Craft web app.


This mind mapping plugin for Obsidian looks excellent.

Jamie shares how he uses Obsidian to centralize his writing. I like his use of Dataview.

Joe shares an Alfred and Obsidian workflow for adding notes easily.

Nicole takes us through why she likes Obsidian over Notion now.

How to organize a YouTube Channel content in Obsidian with Kanban and Templater.

Mike shows us his home note dashboard.


What about having your notes show up in your own personal Google search? I often find the question I’m asking has been previously answered by me on my blog so covering my notes would likely increase this percentage.

Roam for Android is live on the Play Store.

Yup I use affiliate links sometimes to support the newsletter. If it’s on Amazon, it’s an affiliate link for sure.

2 responses to “PKM Weekly for April 10 2022 – Issue 014”

  1. Yaaqoub Eliyyahu Avatar
    Yaaqoub Eliyyahu

    Any updates on Logseq? Thank you

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Nothing that I found interesting, but I do have at least one for the next issue.