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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Eric talks about how Luhmann’s system forced him to slow down his note process and really think about how connections were made.

Nicole walked through how she takes notes on books.

Do you really need bidirectional linking in your PKM?

Would you purchase custom boxes for your physical notecards?

How do we save and restore our mental contexts?

Check out Raymond’s minimalist PKM. Yeah the chart at the top doesn’t look too minimalist though.

Good process of reading and taking notes on books.

Scott is taking votes on the title of his book about the Antinet.

Anyone have suggestions for an OCR digital highlighting pen?

Some advice on effective note-taking for the workplace.

Is there a digital writing tool as good as real pen and paper? I’m going to say no, but depending on how particular you are there are some okay options.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

Josh talks a bit about “creative” occupations.

I enjoyed this video on fonts/typography.

Big mall money = big problems for a city.

My favourite cycling team is EF, not for their top-end racing performance but for the Alt Tour and this type of work they do.

I really enjoyed this read on the creator economy. I think I need to look at my stuff from a “profitable project” mindset and start doing more to make it that way instead of simply a labour of love. The more members I have the more time I can spend creating stuff for free and for members.


Students and teachers can get 40% off DEVONthink apps until Sept 11.

Notesnook is an open source note-taking application.


Love to see plugins coming to NotePlan. MathSolver lets you do math in your notes.

If you need to convert all your dates when you import to NotePlan check this thread out.

How to get extra information to show up in a NotePlan task.


What about a Craft app for Windows users? I love the cross-platform nature of Obsidian.

Don’t forget about Craftery which lists lots of extensions for Craft. Also, keep an eye on The Craft Bible.

Someone got caught out by the import limits in Craft.

How to link GoodNotes and Craft. This method would apply to any system where you could paste the GoodNotes link.


Flowershow will let you publish your Obsidian notes to the web.

Using Obsidian for group knowledge management.

Don’t forget about the power of an alias in Obsidian. I did a video on Obsidian aliases a while ago.

Simon wrote about why he likes DEVONthink and Obsidian together. He came to the exact same conclusion I did. DEVONthink for other people’s thoughts, Obsidian for my thoughts.

Bob shows off using Obsidian to outline an essay.

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