Much like Tom, I’m feeling pretty apathetic about social media lately. Social media drives little traffic to my site. While people I have met on social media have contributed to my career (working an entire year for someone I met via Twitter) I’m still not sure I want to invest time there.

What if I wrote about WordPress more on my business site? That’s the type of content that brought people into my sphere anyway.

What if I only interacted with replies to the blog posts I published, making this site the place I was “social” on?

No answers, just thinking.

3 responses to “Apathetic about Social Media”

  1. Ricard Torres Avatar

    I’d love to drive more engagement back to blogs!

    I’ve added web mentions to my two blogs so I get the boosts, and replies from Mastodon directly into WordPress

    We need to bring back the gold era of blogging

    1. Kelter Avatar

      here here! and RSS 🙂

  2. Alex Avatar

    Yes to going back to blogging as a social platform. Especially now that it’s relatively easy to implement ActivityPub (well, as a very non-computer-science-y person, I found a premade plugin for WordPress that works just fine), making it easier for people to follow your blog from their preferred tool and reply directly, having that show as comments!