Watching YouTube videos today for PKM Weekly and the biggest frustration I have with YouTuber’s is “fancy” intros that spend a minute or more wasting my time showing off stuff.

Just get to the point. Even the PKM community is not immune to it.

What baffles me is that some of the “biggest” channels spend 20% of their video time wasting your time with stuff that’s not showing you anything or helping you take better notes.

3 responses to “YouTuber’s Waste My Time”

  1. Kelter Avatar

    We all know why. To fatten up the total run-time so there’s more ad insertion ops.

  2. Brandon Boswell Avatar

    Totally. If I ever get that way you have full permission to DM me and call me out on it.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Ha…now do I get pedantic and critique every word? Nah I would never do that, I hear it sometimes and it’s annoying.