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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

What about using a tool every Apple user already has…Apple Notes for Journaling and Blogging. (web)

The tragic appeal of owerwork. (web) Something to remember as we work to produce stuff with our notes. You can be so productive that you never live.

5 Mac tips for writers. (youtube)

A word on the design of tag based systems of organization. (web)

While this thread pertains to logseq, it’s still good to think about what AI means for your local note privacy. (reddit/forum) You’re sending your data off to some service you have to trust not to use it in ways you don’t like. Can you really trust any big tech company?

How Johnny Noble (Johnny Decimal creator) uses Omni apps. (web/podcast)

Vicky on How to Read a Book. (youtube)

Was Dracula foiled by obsessive note-takers? (reddit)

Evernote vs Bullet Journal. (reddit) There is something about the tactility of a notebook.

I really think you should be doing something with your notes so here is a tutorial on setting up WordPress on Ubuntu. (youtube) I actually use WP Engine so I don’t have to worry about managing servers for my own stuff. You can get 4 months free on WP Engine with this link. Yes that’s an affiliate link.

How to improve your Zettelkasten by learning from athletic training. (web)

I do think that a drawback of analogue systems is that it’s easy to make cards, but then you have to find a single place for those notes. (reddit) Digital systems can use tags, folders, app wide search so that notes can be located in a single physical space (folder) but show up in many other places.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

The Perils of Niching Down. (newslette/web) Reading through this I’m happy that I’ve changed my content every few years to stick with what I’m interested in.


Fiery Feeds got an interesting iPhone update that allows for split screen iOS support to browse and read articles. (web)

DEVONthink wrote a short piece on leaving Evernote for DEVONthink. (web)

Shu shows of Omniscience, a new note-taking tool. (youtube)

Santi talks about Tana capturing ideas quickly.


Seems there was a bug where the 20 images a day limit on free accounts wasn’t being enforced. That bug is fixed and and predictably, some users are not happy. (reddit) If you like the software, you need to pay for it so it stays around.


We may be getting ChatGPT in logseq. (web)

Here is a nice introduction video on logseq. (youtube)


Numeric Citizen talks about how he’s dealing with the lack of tags in Craft. (youtube)

Clear up some confusion about the latest changes to spaces and teams in Craft. (reddit)

Pulldown search is back and users are excited. (reddit)

Shared templates for Apple Pencil/Stylus Journaling. (reddite)


I did a video on how the Strange New Worlds plugin can be in your face about your note connections. (web/youtube) This can help you work to make connections because it’s an obvious UI element.

Christian recommends some Obsidian plugins. (youtube)

TFTHacker wrote a post about why they use the Obsidian Outliner plugin. (medium)

Bryan talks about Obsidian Bookmarks. (youtube)

Writing using Canvas and Kanban. (medium)

Key value pairs vs yaml for frontmatter. (reddit)

If you want handwritten notes (not text) in Obsidian, you want Excalidraw. (reddit)

Danny talks about the Obsidian Outline and the Obsidian Zoom plugin. (youtube)

A quick tip on visual thinking. (youtube)


If you stopped using Roam, what do you use now? (reddit)

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