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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

I did a post/video on digital vs analogue PKM. (web/youtube) I’m using a split system. Most of my daily notes/tasks go in a notebook. All my PKM goes in Obsidian.

Vicky talked about how to generate new ideas with your notes. (youtube) Good set of questions to ask yourself.

Is there a software that automatically makes connections for you? (reddit) People always want to outsource hard work, and making connections or thinking about new ideas is hard work. Most often it just means you should sit down and think hard about your notes instead of hoping some software will magically perform this act for you.

Physical visual Zettelkasten. (reddit)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C, what type of tablet is it? (youtube)

What is the difference between Zettelkasten and LYT methods? (reddit)

10 Personal Knowledge Management Practices to Explore. (newsletter)

How do you know if something is worth taking notes on? (reddit)

Do you make a permanent note for every literature note? (reddit) No and this question has come up a bunch recently so I’ll be doing a video on my process soon.

When I say Capture is too easy, I don’t mean it isn’t essential. It is! But capture in itself is not the primary problem for most of us. The problem is that we capture too many things, and we don’t have a corresponding way to surface what we’ve captured. We’re like cowboys who never brand our cattle—pretty soon we don’t know which are ours and which aren’t, and all we’ve got to work with is a whole bunch of cows. – Capture is too easy

Here is 60-minutes watching Numeric Citizen work with Inoreader. (youtube) I always love watching the workflows of others.

Bryan Jenks did a 2 hour talk about taking notes with Omar Khafagy. (youtube)

How do you take notes while reading? (reddit)

I use Tagnotes to create this index of keywords that are relevant in my research. (reddit)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

A break down of why one city’s propose road widening strongly overstates the benefits and entirely ignores the detriments to the project. (web) This would apply to almost every road widening project out there.

When I look at people in my working life that struggle to get things done, it is because they would rather not do the tasks that they have. – Know Your Values


The Archive now offers images in your plaintext notes. (web)

Is Capacities the next major note-taking app? (youtube)

What do people think of Capacities? (reddit)

Shazam to NotePlan Shortcut. (reddit)


Check out logseq times for lots of notes on the updates to logseq. (web)

Is there documentation for logseq’s advanced query notations? (reddit)

logseq vs Obsidian – do you need an outliner or a writer? (reddit)

Seems the work on a mobile client for logseq is pretty slow. (reddit) Lack of good mobile support is what got me to move from Obsidian to Craft back when Obsidian said mobile would only be a “reading” tool. When they changed that direction, I moved back. For many people phone/tablet usage is very important.


The OP asks why Craft is all about Teams now? (reddit) And the first answer nails it…money. I really liked Craft but with the funding they took I feel they lost their direction. Maybe it has nothing to do with funding, but I’m no longer a fan of Craft.

Moving archived items to an external location in Craft. (reddit)


PDF Highliters in Obsidian Excalidraw. (youtube)

Will the use of emojis in your database cause issues long term? (reddit)

Danny talks about writing short or long in Obsidian. (youtube)

Nice addition to Obsidian Git sync. (reddit) I did a video on setting up Git sync with Obsidian. (web/youtube)

Omnivore now shows your highlights inline in Obsidian. (reddit)

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