And as those of us who are not currently tripping well understand, our current system is nothing like that. Rather, it is built to maximize the extraction of wealth and profit – from both humans and the natural world – a reality that has brought us to what we might think of it as capitalism’s techno-necro stage. In that reality of hyper-concentrated power and wealth, AI – far from living up to all those utopian hallucinations – is much more likely to become a fearsome tool of further dispossession and despoilation.

Naomi Klein

I agree that it’s not Ai that’s hallucinating, it’s the proponents of it. I wrote a few weeks ago asking what concrete benefit does new technology bring and I don’t think that the question is answered by most new tech that comes out.

Sure there is handwaving about “new computing experiences” but very little concrete evidence that this is good for workers. I’m far more on the side of Paris and Greg when it comes to newly released tech products.