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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

This is an excellent post on taking progressively less stupid notes. (web) I’d vote for this one if you’re reading one thing this week.

Distilling your notes in critical. (medium free)

I read How to Make Notes and Write, and did a short review. (web)

How to use daily notes. (web)

Bryan made a long note-making video about Autism. (youtube)

Reddit seems to be entering it’s enshitification cycle, did you know about lemmy? There is an Obsidian community there. (web)

Brandon talks about his wishlist for the reMarkable tablet. (youtube)

From input to output with Zettelkasten. (youtube)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

Why would you write a book in 2023? (web) I like books. I want to write more of them.

John Wick may be shallow entertainment, but the story of its success highlights some deep lessons about what the rest of us might be missing in our pursuit of a job well done. – Cal Newport


How to use WikiLinks in DEVONthink. (web)

How to manage checklists in NotePlan. (youtube)

Ranbir talks about Omnivore and why he likes it. (youtube) Not user I love the “auto sync” idea to send notes to your PKM tool. When I’ve coached people that autosync they almost never go back to review the notes and really do something with them.

Matt talks up the text-to-speech in Omnivore. (youtube)

If you’re managing a bunch of snippets I did a video on Espanso. (web/youtube) One big reason to use this over other options is that it’s cross-platform.


Seems that Remnote has dropped its update blog and moved it docs here. (web)

Also the forum seems dead. (web) The header says to join them on Discord, but Discord is terrible for so many things and only useful for a very small sliver of content. I hate the idea of moving to Discord.

Getting tempted to drop Remnote content here as it doesn’t seem all that relevant anymore. Opinions welcome.


Collecting and visualizing your vault statistics. (web)

logseq Espanso integration. (web)

The community logo contest has been extended by a week. (web)


Not sure when it happened, but Craft has dropped its developer forum which was part of Craft X. In theory, Craft X was going to be extensible and have a great API. It didn’t really go anywhere though and Craft has bought into teams functionality after they got funding.

I’m getting very tempted to drop Craft from my roundups. Opinions welcome.


Morgan goes over how to use aliases in Obsidian. (youtube)

What are you using Obsidian for? (lemmy)

Here is a Zotero annotation template if you’ve been struggling to get one working. (web)

Danny shared a starting Obsidian vault. (youtube)

Nested vaults in Obsidian? (web) Eh, sounds like a recipe for issues to me.

Course suggestions to learn Obsidian. (web)

Thoughts on Obsidian not being open source. (lemmy) Given it’s a simple text file format that I can do anything with, I’m not concerned.

Taking notes for work with Obsidian. (youtube)

What are your top 5 Obsidian plugins? (lemmy)

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