Today’s post revisits Greg’s thoughts from a few days back about Bullet Journals.

I have come to terms with the fact that, despite my love of physical things, digital tools suit me better.

I started a new Bullet Journal this year and I’m sure at some point I’ll neglect it. I don’t let that get me down though or put me off the system. I’ll just pick it up the next Monday and plan my week in my notebook and get back at it.

I’ll still use some type of digital task manager to track all the major tasks, and carry grocery lists to the store, and create packing lists. This is what digital tools are great for. I like thinking in my notebook as I journal throughout the day and track the tasks for the day, or notes for a meeting, before moving them back into my digital system if they don’t get done.

The big benefit to me is the thinking I do on the paper about my work. Slowing down and thinking about how a database should work, or how a user login flow should work, is extremely valuable on paper. I think far too many people jump directly to the work without slowing down and thinking about what they need to do first.