Today we discuss how the Internet will slowly stop being so “free” and we’ll have to start paying for stuff because ads just don’t work.

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2 responses to “The Ad Based Internet is Dying – But You Can’t Afford Subscriptions”

  1. Jared Slater Avatar
    Jared Slater

    I’ve become exhausted by all the ads. Some websites that I used to frequent are almost unusable because of the abundance of ads that pop up. It makes it impossible to enjoy the content. I agree with you. The ad supported internet has conditioned us to believe that the internet should provide us with free and unlimited content, when that isn’t sustainable or of high quality.

    I think we need a shift back to subscriber based content. This will simplify our lives and lead to us making better decisions on the content we choose to consume. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I’ve almost always had some way to support my writing and encouraged it. Thanks for supporting me.