Jeff walks us through how it’s $3000 to get some kids music. As he says this is further enshitification of content. Yes I pay for YouTube Premium, and Apple Music, and I buy the movies I want to add to my own library. I continue to think that maybe I need to go back to ripping CDs again to have the music I like because the way music services are going I’m going to be out of luck on those soon too.

2 responses to “I Also Just Want my Music”

  1. Terry J. Benzie Avatar
    Terry J. Benzie

    Entire devices to access platforms are disappearing. I recently picked up a new DVD player and it was actually rather hard to find. I’m thinking about buying another, simply to have in reserve.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I’m going to get a region unlocked BluRay drive that will do 4k so I can get stuff I want in the anime realm that isn’t available in Canada.