While I’m not sure I want an iPad that runs macOS as Matt suggests I am sure that my iPad is my favourite form factor for a computing device. I’m typing at it now, but I often grab it off my stand and take it to another part of the house to have a recipe, or read some articles, or do a bit of writing.

I love the modality of the iPad and we all know it’s got the horsepower to do something like run a local server so I could build websites on it, but Apple won’t allow that type of use case.

We’re seeing glimmers of a more powerful iOS1 with tools like Clip but only if you’re in the EU and Apple has been regulated to allow alternate AppStore’s.

I’m not replacing my M1 iPad Pro with a newer model, though I do have a 12.5” Starlite Linux tablet coming to explore the form factor more on an operating system that I can fully control. I don’t expect the Starlite to come close to iPad performance numbers, but I haven’t been looking for more power in my iPad for a while.

  1. Alternate AppStore’s come to iPadOS later in the year after the EU classed the iPad as device that needs to be opened up as well. ↩︎