How do you become so good you can’t be ignored?

Commonly heard advice for anyone looking for success is “Follow your passion”. The theory goes that if you’re passionate about it, there should be enough others that will come alongside you and give you money for that passion. The siren song of living your passion is so strong. You’re passionate about rock climbing, so you […]

Learn how to reach past the things that are hard and master them

We all have things that are easy for us. Maybe you are built to be a runner and it’s always felt easy. Maybe you love to get up in front of people as a speaker. The flip side to the ease with which some tasks come to us is that other things are very difficult. […]

Will You Become The Master You Aspire To Be

Remember when you started driving and everything felt like it was happening so fast? Remember that first time you got on the highway and went 100 km an hour? It felt like so much was going on at once. You tried to watch the speed of the car and make sure that you didn’t run […]

Tips to find that elusive Margin in our lives

We’ve had a winter here with rare amounts of snow in Chilliwack, BC. In an area that might see one snow day in a year, we’ve had three this week and at least three around Christmas time. That’s meant I’ve pushed people out of the roads that aren’t plowed. I’ve shoveled for neighbours that aren’t […]

Why being naked with your clients is exactly what you want to do

Let me begin by issuing a warning before I dive into my latest book review. Don’t just go to Amazon and search “Getting Naked”. Oh sure, you’re going to get the right book, but you’ll also get a bunch of other stuff you didn’t expect or want to see. Outside of that, I give Getting […]

Keep the negative away by Broadcasting Happiness

Ugh. Who watches the news anymore? If you do, you’re going to get a solid dose of everything that’s wrong with the world. News thrives on eyeballs and tragedy draws the eyeballs. Yet in the midst of all of this gloom and doom, we encounter Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan, a former top newscaster turned […]

These 7 Essential Questions will improve your relationships

Everyone is a coach — even you — although it may not say that on your nameplate. You may not have employees, and thus don’t need to coach them to be awesome, but you’re still a coach. You may not be a business coach like me and get paid to help people run an awesome […]

Need help today? Look back at these ancient thoughts

The truth is, there are no new ideas. Everything I’m writing, and that any author is writing, has been written. With that in mind we don’t need to simply look to the new books being written. In fact, in many cases there is much more to be gained from reading things written long ago. So […]

How to make income automatic by building a subscription business

One of the biggest faults with many creative businesses is that a client does a project with you and then they’re done. That single purchase was all they needed — you’ve solved their most pressing problems and they’re going to run with the solution. Moving from one-off projects to recurring revenue is the dream of […]

7 Techniques to Make Your Business Brilliant

We all look to currently successful people and try to deduce what it is that they have done to achieve the success they have. We’re particularly fascinated by those who started with little and have become millionaires. That’s why Business Brilliant is an appealing book to read — it’s all about the things millionaires do […]

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