The Old Business Profit Equation Is Broken, Take Profit First

When you start a business, you dream of one that lets you live the life you want to live. You joke and say it’s sitting on the beach drinking adult beverages, but that’s not what most people are striving for. Knowing that you can pay your bills, live comfortable and take the vacations you want […]

Business change, make sure you have a plan to pivot effectively

Most of us have heard that people won’t be working one job for their whole life. In fact if you’ve been doing the same thing for more than 2 – 5 years employers are starting to wonder what’s wrong with you. Where a 180 in a career focus was once seen as a black mark […]

What if there was a way to 4X your results this year?

Most people say they want to be more productive. I get it, you want to get more done. The problem is that you don’t want to get some random ‘more’ done. What you really want is to get more of the right stuff done. For that reason I don’t say I want to get more […]

Don’t let email overwhelm you, Unsubscribe

Oh email how we hate it. We can spend an entire day in the office pushing email and feel like we did nothing of value. For most of us that sentiment is true. We did almost nothing of value with our email time. This state is a place we all exist in at some point. […]

When work is hard, should you quit or keep going?

I’ve been at this coaching thing for about one full year. Yes I’ve written books before. Yes I’ve sort of said that I can help people run an awesome business in years past. But at no point did I sit down and do the hard work it would take to make mentoring and coaching my […]

Do you have the capacity for life and work?

I feel compelled to make this disclaimer for some of my readers, if you’re not someone that is comfortable with lots of talk about faith. In particular a Christian God, then this is not a book for you. Please read on to see my highlights on the content of the book, but don’t get it […]

How do you become so good you can’t be ignored?

Commonly heard advice for anyone looking for success is “Follow your passion”. The theory goes that if you’re passionate about it, there should be enough others that will come alongside you and give you money for that passion. The siren song of living your passion is so strong. You’re passionate about rock climbing, so you […]

Learn how to reach past the things that are hard and master them

We all have things that are easy for us. Maybe you are built to be a runner and it’s always felt easy. Maybe you love to get up in front of people as a speaker. The flip side to the ease with which some tasks come to us is that other things are very difficult. […]