Are You Coaching the Person or the Problem?

There are three different parties in coaching Coach Person Problem According to Chad W. Hall, there are also three levels of coaching which he describes in Coach The Person Not The Problem. Beginner: Coach the Problem Better: Coach the Problem through the Person Transformational: Coach the Person for Internal Change Hall contends in this short […]

If You Want a Great Team, First Break All The Rules

What are the unspoken rules of management? The ones you follow because you feel you should, even when you may have an inkling that they no longer apply? Stuff like, treat everyone the same, even when you know some of your people are amazing and can be trusted and others are terrible and likely shouldn’t […]

Stop Being a Chronic Starter and Finish with the help of Jon Acuff

How many projects have you started and never finished? Little bits of leftover code sitting around. Half written drafts of stories. That shelf you were supposed to build and still sits like a lurking troll in the garage. Yup we’ve all got some projects started and not finished around, but what if all you have […]

Are You Ready to Turn From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome?

Business is a frustrating endeavour. Most of it is hard work that gets little recognition punctuated by mistakes that everyone sees. Everyone once in a while there is a bright spot and it keeps us going. In From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome, Alissa Daire Nelson is trying to help us remove some of that frustration […]

What 3 Questions Need to be Answered to Develop Grit?

Grit has become a fairly common word now. Most people would understand it as referring to someone who keeps going when the going gets tough. I hope that all of you are ‘gritty’ people because if you’re looking for a voice that’s going to pat you on the back when you quit as the going […]

Better Habits Will Make You Better Than Before

How much of your day is routine? How much of it do you have to think about? How do those habits impact your day? How many of those habits are ones you want to have? Ones you’d be happy if your children picked them up? I know that I have a few in both categories. […]

Forget Seven Day Workweeks, What about a Seven Day Weekend?

How many of you check your work email on weekends? How about multitasking your way through your kid’s ball game or figure skating practice? Probably most of you, and I’ve certainly been in that camp. The Seven Day Weekend, by Ricardo Semler, talks about Semco the company his father founded and he runs and addresses […]