Freelance Friday 032 – Nov 16 2018

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but this week I really started to talk about my course with Jason Resnick called Stop The Cycle. This course is all about how to stop going from so much work you don’t know what to do, to figuring out how far you can get ramen to stretch. Today […]

Freelance Friday 031 – Nov 9 2018

This week the big thing is that my next book The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Started is available for preorder. Get it now because the price is going up once it launches on November 27th. If you want to make sure you have your freelance business heading out the gate on the right foot, this […]

Freelance Friday 030 – Nov 2 2018

This week was a solid week with more iOS Productivity videos recorded. I’m seriously looking at what it means to be successful on YouTube and how I can measure that. Jason and I also announced a course we’re doing in a few weeks. It’s like a reverse Black Friday sale…it’s cheaper now than it will […]

Freelance Friday 029 – Oct 26 2018

This week my email list helped me choose the cover for my upcoming book. You’ll see a preorder soon, which will have the lowest pricing for the book. Make sure you grab it then. Other than that, good week with a routine getting established again after a move and a few weeks of family being […]

Freelance Friday 028 – Oct 19 2018

This week has been a great week. Some new video equipment is in which you should see in next week’s show on YouTube if you watch it there. Also a new keyboard is in which means no more wires and I have a full ergonomic keyboard. Content wise, I finished out the rewrite of an […]

Freelance Friday 027 – Oct 12 2018

Well the office is coming together, and I had a great talk recently with Jason Resnick. We’re working on something for Black Friday to help you get clients and make sure that you have the time to do your marketing duties. It’s far to easy to know what you should do to get clients, and […]

Freelance Friday 026 – Oct 5 2018

This week has been mostly about getting my office setup after moving over the weekend. What I can say is, that my main desk is setup and that new fibre internet speeds of 300/300 make uploading YouTube videos and podcasts so much faster. Other than that, the boxes are slowly evacuating the office space and […]

Freelance Friday 025 – Sept 28 2018

Well today I move into the new house. Best part is an office all to myself and 300/300 internet, which is only now becoming affordable/common for houses in Canada. The biggest struggle I’ve been having lately is visualizing all my work. As in, how do I see what’s on my plate for all projects, both […]

Freelance Friday 024 – Sept 21 2018

Only one more week until we move and I’m excited. Not excited about the work to move, but that I get my own office in the house that’s not a bedroom. I’ve had an office before, but it was a 5km commute and with kid logistics it stopped working. Now I can do the good […]

Freelance Friday 023 – Sept 14 2018

This week I started to plan out my next book. Yes I just finished and launched one, and I’m going to launch another one before US Thanksgiving. I can do it that fast because it’s an update of the first book I ever wrote and published. It was called “Don’t be an Idiot: Run a […]

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