Freelance Friday 046 – March 15 2019

This week, the family was sick again. As I write this I only slept a few hours, and some of them were on the couch so I didn’t disturb my wife more as I tossed and turned. Last week I mentioned thinking about a content change, well it’s going to happen. Watch for a video […]

Freelance Friday 045 – March 8 2019

While we got some snow this week my children were disappointed that there were no school closures. Do you remember listening to the radio before your parents even got up to see if school was closed? I certainly do, and I remember the world of possibility that was opened up with an extra day to […]

Freelance Friday 044 – March 1 2019

Well the snow appears to mostly be melting in Chilliwack. My biggest issue with snow is that it reduces the mobility of so many of the people in town. At our last house I’d end up giving rides to people who couldn’t walk to get groceries or drop people off at work that couldn’t ride […]

Freelance Friday 043 – Feb 22 2019

Yup the email/post is a bit late today due to recording silliness yesterday which you can hear about on Monday when I talk about my Ulysses blogging workflow. Other than that, the kids enjoyed more snow this week and I got lots of client work done. If you’ve found my content helpful then new in […]

Freelance Friday 042 – Feb 15 2019

My daughter had her first two snow days ever this week as we got what many parts of the world would consider barely a dusting of snow (10cm). We got some time out in the snow as a family, and generally had a good time. I’ve been talking to the patreon supporters about paying myself […]

Freelance Friday 041 – Feb 8 2019

I totally almost missed this one. Currently 10:44pm after a long day starting at 4:45am with a run of 10km with a friend with a late board meeting and now an email to send. If you think that’s a long day, then you can guess how my week has been and felt. Lots to do […]

Freelance Friday 039 – January 25 2019

Up in Chilliwack we’re experiencing an odd winter. Way less rain than normal and it’s so much warmer than normal as well. Not quite t-shirt weather, but certainly only a sweater and you’re warm enough. We recently did an experiment with our kids and cut almost all the screen time for the week. Our youngest […]

Freelance Friday 038 – January 18 2019

Today is the last day to get this Google Analytics Course from my friend Cinthia. I went through it and it’s great. This week was my first real productive week back at work for 2019, and even then my wife has been sick so I’ve been doing a bit more around the house than usual […]

Freelance Friday 037 – January 11 2019

I’d love to tell you that my New Year of work started off with a bang. That I was so productive your eyeballs will spin. I can’t though. I’ve slept in. I’ve watched movies. I’ve struggled my way through two phone calls. Seriously who knew a phone call could be so so hard. I’ve hated […]

Merry Christmas Edition: Freelance Friday 037 – Dec 21 2018

Well it’s Christmas next week so I’ll be off for two weeks. There are a few episodes of Should I Read It scheduled already, but that’s it after today. You can see my Merry Christmas goodbye video now: In short, I’m ending The Smart Business Show after almost 250 episodes. It’s not catching so I’ll […]

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