Freelance Friday 055 – May 17 2019

This week I made great progress on The Freelancer’s Guide to Niche Marketing. My original plan was to have it out in Q1, which has clearly been missed. I was caught up in other projects and not feeling the book so I didn’t worry about it. I’m happy to say that I’ve got back into […]

Freelance Friday 054 – May 10 2019

We’re having our first hot week here in Chilliwack which has exposed the problem in my office of getting sun all day. Starting around 9am – 7pm I’ve got sun streaming in my window which makes the office pretty hot. The other big change this week has to do with adding more RAM to my […]

Freelance Friday 053 – May 3 2019

Up in Canadaland, Saturday brought a run in the snow and Sunday needed sunscreen as we spent some time on the water with the kids at a local paddling festival. May has started well with a huge amount of billable hours, and I’ve often found that how the first few days go is a fair […]

Freelance Friday 052 – April 26 2019

This week I got a new Mac Mini, which they left on my door step without a signature. Yup $1900 (taxes and Apple Care in) sitting on my porch. Good thing I saw UPS leaving the house from across the street and went over to get it while my kids played at the park. Watch […]

Freelance Friday 051 – April 19 2019

Recovery from surgery has been decent, but dang it’s hard to stay focused at work when your 5-year-old is up having an “adventure” in her bedroom until 12:30 at night. Evidently she found fossils and a new dinosaur between us parents going in there and telling her to get in bed and not to jump […]

Freelance Friday 050 – April 12 2019

Well I had minor surgery yesterday so I’m probably laying in bed or on the couch right now reading. No running for me for at least a week, maybe two. Content should go out next week as normal. If you’ve found my content helpful then new in 2019 I’ve opened up a Patreon page. You […]

Freelance Friday 049 – April 5 2019

While I did not get out my video on how I deal with book notes last week, I did get it all done for Monday. I also wrote and recorded another episode of Should I Read It on Where Good Ideas Come From which will be out Wednesday. On the whole, I think the week […]

Freelance Friday 048 – March 29 2019

Good week with some wild temperature fluctuations around here. Almost 20C late in the week but we started closer to 6C at the beginning of the week. You may not see a video next Monday as I’m working on the B-Roll for it. We shall see if I finish it tomorrow at the library. Then […]

Freelance Friday 047 – March 22 2019

Yup, you missed the video and all content this week until today. I’m still working on two bigger videos about Digital Minimalism and what I do to have a minimal digital footprint on my life. Outside of that, it’s been a wonderfully warm sunny start to the spring break for my kids. It was 20C […]

Freelance Friday 046 – March 15 2019

This week, the family was sick again. As I write this I only slept a few hours, and some of them were on the couch so I didn’t disturb my wife more as I tossed and turned. Last week I mentioned thinking about a content change, well it’s going to happen. Watch for a video […]

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