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  • Writing Good Content, When you have a Passion for it

    While the article in question is not primarily about writing good content, it’s got a few gems for those trying to create it. The most pertinent for me was: Every time you publish an article on your website, ask yourself: “Would anyone share this article for any reason?” If the answer is “no” then you […]

  • Losing Long Form Writing

    I talked a bit more yesterday about tech journalism being broken mainly (at least in my opinion) because of the quest for the almighty pageview for advertising dollars. Well PandoDaily takes my thoughts further. Not only is current journalism broken, we’re going to lose all the writers that can truly produce long form writing since…

  • Learning To Write Well, Fast

    Obviously I’ve really stepped up the publishing schedule of the site. As with any blog the main struggle weekly is figuring out what exactly to write, and of course to make sure it’s not terrible. This week I came across (hat tip Freelancing Weekly) a vid with 8 tips for writing good content quickly. The…